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Thank you for visiting my website. I am a qualified book keeper and have 30 years experience in administration and finance management. I have excellent customer service skills to provide efficient, reliable friendly and competitively priced bookkeeping and administration service that can be tailor-made to small businesses.

  • IAB Level 2 Award in Computerised Bookkeeping (QCF)
  • IAB Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping (QCF)
  • Certificate in Supervisory Management
  • Criminal Records Bureau check (CRB)
  • Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance

We are extremely efficient and can work remotely or within your own business premises

our services

Administration Support

Sort and organise your paperwork into an efficient accessible system with reliable and experienced administration support. From one off organisation of the office to regular maintenance we can offer a service that is flexible to support your business.

Administration support can be remote from your business or in your own office/factory location.

The Office Figures can provide cover for holidays or absences, take your calls and or maintain your diary while away.

Bookkeeping & Credit Control Services

The service offered is to organise your finances using a computerised bookkeeping service including SAGE or simple spread sheet recording.

We can collect receipts or paper work, and the service can be completed remotely away from your work place or on site.

The Office Figures can produce your invoices, deal with and record purchase orders, reconcile bank statements and follow up outstanding invoices with your customers in a professional way.

Office & Factory Set-up

Formalise your office procedures in new or existing businesses.

The Office Figures can produce a range of Policies and Procedures including work place hand books, health and safety policies and many others your business may require.

We can set up systems and procedures for the office to run smoothly, organise files and filing systems for easy reference.


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I have used Andrea's services for administrative cover at my office and then referred her to undertake differing work for clients and contacts. My experience throughout has been of a very honest, dependable & hardworking lady with an understanding of business. I feel confident to introduce her to future clients & contacts who have a need for administrative support and/or bookkeeping services. - Darren Tomlinson, Tax Assist (Hull)

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